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Pet Grooming

Treat Your Pet to a Luxurious Bath 

Pet Grooming at Viera East Vet CenterOur cleansing baths remove dirt, debris, and that doggie (or kitty) pet odor. Your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. If scratching is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that stop the itching. Services also include nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

Grooming on a regular basis is essential to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. Keeping fur and debris out of your pet’s ears helps to prevent ear irritation which can lead to infection. For dogs, consistent anal gland expression if needed decreases the risk of impaction and infection. Short, smooth nails prevent floor and furniture scratching as well as improved and stable mobility, especially for your senior cat or dog. These are a few of the many benefits of having a well-groomed pet.

Our services include: dog-grooming-viera-vet

  • K9 Bath 0-50lbs $37.32
  • K9 Bath 51lbs+ $41.88
  • K9 Heavy Coat is an additional $24.31 (on top of the price of bath)
  • Feline Bath $39.19
  • Medicated Bath 0-50lbs $51.74
  • Medicated Bath 51lbs+ $56.45
  • Medicated Bath (Feline) $51.74
  • Flea and Lyme Dip: Call for pricing Based on the Weight of the pet

All Dogs must be up to date on the following: Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations 

All Cats must be up to date on the following: Rabies vaccination

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