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Orthopedic Surgery

At Viera East Veterinary Center we are well equipped to handle many types of orthopedic situations. Below are just a few of the common procedures we perform. 

Ruptured cranial cruciate ligament (ACL): There are several repair options and we will tailor the method to the size and activity level of your pet. We have options of bone anchors in an extracapsular repair, Tightrope method, and TTA method.

Patella Luxation: Patella luxation is typically an issue for small dogs. It occurs when the knee cap does not stay in the groove during motion. This can progress to severe levels and often requires surgical correction.

Bone Fractures: We are also able to repair simple to complicated fractures. We utilize digital X-rays to determine the best repair option. We have the latest technology in pinning, bone plating, and external fixation.

Schedule your consultation to determine the best surgical option for your orthopedic needs.

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