Our Community Initiatives

More Than Your Veterinarian

At Viera East Veterinary Center, we hold a strong belief in the importance of supporting and giving back to our community. Our veterinary practice is built on a foundation of care, not just for the pets we treat, but also for the people and community we serve. We recognize that a thriving community is built on collaboration and support, and we are deeply committed to being an active part of that process. This commitment is reflected in our involvement in local pet adoption drives, educational outreach initiatives, and partnerships with animal shelters. From providing free seminars on pet health to offering discounted services to rescue organizations and participating in community events, we strive to make a positive impact well beyond our clinic doors. Our dedication to our community is a genuine reflection of our love for animals and our unwavering commitment to improving the lives of all those we serve.

Power of the Pizza

We sponsor two Power of the Pizza charities which include Run Santa and Eat My Crust races. Through Power of Pizza, Acosta found the perfect recipe for giving back. With money raised through the nonprofit's roster of running events, more than $150,000 has been given by POP to Viera High's athletics program, and POP also supports Special Olympics of Brevard County and the Early Steps program.

Touch of Grey

We are proud to work with Touch of Grey, a senior dog rescue who raise money and focus is to get more senior dogs out of shelters and to live out the rest of their lives into great families who will care for them. We contribute by donating food, and sponsoring their event Poocharella.

Brevard Humane Society

We help support the Brevard Humane Society each year. This year we are a proud sponsor of their 2023 Tuxes and Tails Gala.

Brevard Zoo

Our team loves to participate in fun runs and this year we sponsored the Brevard Zoo with their annual 3k run!

Pieloch Dog Park

Our veterinarians think it is important for our dog patients to have a safe place to exercise and play. We are proud to be a sponsor of Pieloch Dog Park.